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Today is 1st of July. D-day for Sugar Tax in Malaysia.

Here’s a synopsis on what we do at Ren’s Palate on this very significant day.

Sugar Tax is the first step towards acting on the movement against toxic sugar, which is poisoning our lives and our loved ones day in day out. Already touted as the “fattest” country in Asia and with the highest rate of prediabetic¬† women, this movement comes slightly late but better than never.

Today, Ren’s Palate start this significant movement with a visualization on the society impact we can contribute to as a wholesaler in sweet drinks.¬†

First, we imagine our families going about their meals at work and in school, ordering a sweet beverage with their meals or for meetings, and then replicate this vision to friends –> relatives of our friends –> families we don’t know dining in restaurants –> strangers in the streets getting drinks from food kiosks…then we complete this vision with the outcome —> almost 1 in 2 people being obese and feeling sluggish at work.

Normal sized workers getting sluggish from sugary drinks

Next, we repeat the whole exercise, except this time round, all food outlets from restaurants to food courts, offer only low sugar sweet drinks. And we visualize an impact after 6 months, that these imaginary people in our heads changing from tired physique, heavy bodies to mentally alert and leaner outcomes.

We take it one step further: by imagining our loved ones stepping out of clinic offices and patients (people we don’t know personally) getting discharged from the hospitals- all because their intake of sugar has reduced considerably without them realizing, and all laboratory tests returned normal.

Finally, we complete our imagery by linking the happy faces back to Sugar Tax Malaysia, July 1st 2019.

Coming full circle to the start of something positive, we think Malaysia is on the right track. If you are slightly curious as to why we are visualizing our social impact, just read our story and find out what solutions we provide.