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How about creating an Ace for your cafe business through soft serve ice creams?

Appeal is definitely the case for having soft serve as part of your menu, whether you are a pure dessert shop, a buffet restaurant, casual or fine dining. Be honest here, who haven’t gone into a restaurant just by seeing a banner outside which features soft serve desserts? If not for the appeal factor, the big M fast food as well as Family Mart in Malaysia will not be so fastidious about keeping their soft serve marketing interesting, with frequent changes to the flavours.

Appeal Of Soft Serve Ice Creams Used to Drive Shop Traffic

Attention comes after appeal. First the eyes stray to the beautiful luscious visuals of soft serve desserts calling out to all passersby, then they signal the brain to make their feet stop in front of the shop to take a second look. These are the subliminal influences in traffic behaviours; that only soft serve ice creams seem to have the power to own and drive consistent results. This attention drives an amazing phenomenon of STOPPING footfall near the entrance or cashier and flows onto the next A.

Soft Serve Ice Cream Catching Attention From Children

Attraction will follow after appeal and attention completes. What happens after just one person stops by a banner poster near the entrance of the cafe? His subtle change in pace will be subtly picked up by the surroundings, this energy will cascade to the 50m radius around him and attract strangers to stop and stare too. As the circle of attraction spreads larger, we will see a herd mentality effect which leads us to…

Passerby show Attraction by Stopping At a Soft Serve Marketing Visual Due To Others’ Interest


This A is perhaps the most effective in driving new ice cream dessert flavour launches and creating new fans or friends to your brand. Most cafe owners dream of having successful promotions of their new seasonal drinks or desserts but do not know how to bring about this highly interested crowd, also termed as “herd mentality”. When a crowd forms due to one person’s attraction, there is a lot of biases and assumptions formed in each and everyone in the crowd. What kind of assumptions do they have in their minds? Usual common heard mentality goes in the forms of:

  • “This shop must be launching a tasty item.”
  • “Maybe there is a very attractive deal now!”
  • “Since there are so many people crowding around, the food must be good.”
  • “If everyone has tried it except us, it will be such a waste,of opportunity!”
  • “Since we need to queue for the other shops, why not choose this shop as the queue is longer which means their food is probably tastier?”

Amazing what a simple soft serve marketing poster can do to propel your F&B business! With consistent focus on the different soft serve creations, or simply play around the mix with toppings, cone and waffle bases to sauces, you can predictably increase your traffic plus revenue by leaps and maximize your productive hours to all through the day as your fans get familiarized with the exciting, rich and quality desserts only found at your outlet. You surely will be amazed when your cash registers goes “chink chink” effortlessly from morning till the wee hours!

How can this amazing phenomenon be repeated continuously, daily without ever a need to be pushed for more outrageous investments in different dessert machines, expensive technologies to make special shapes or toppings? It is almost like an invincible power at work, driving customers regularly and expanding your circle into growing circles of friends which will only be limited by your shop space and the possible operating hours in a day. The answer to this is


Addiction is the trick to building your regular customer base to a point that it is self-propelling. How are we so confident that soft serve ice cream can create that amazing phenomenon described so seductively above? No, it is not because we are wicked like all profit-driven conglomerates who purely produce and market unhealthy habits like cigarette smoking, underground drugs or expensive branded bags. It is because all human beings are born to be naturally tempted by the senses, and in our case, taste is the major sense that drives addiction.

Are we ethical suppliers if we are driving addiction, you may question? As addiction from general appealing sweets is a natural behavioural phenomenon, it is in fact more crucial to be on board with a supplier who’s not in it just for the sake of profit making. If you read our story here, you will find that we pride ourselves in the quality and source of our soft serve flavours and all the rest of our drink dessert flavours for that matter.

Addiction Is Not Equivalent to Vices

Another important point on Addiction is that, whilst every chef or cafe owner wishes for his special concoction or dessert to have an addictive effect on his customers, not many can achieve that. Which is why, with our Ren’s Palate Rich, Extraordinary and Natural concept, we are confident that our Soft Serve Ice Cream flavours are bursting with natural flavours without the nasty preservatives to affect long term health. Most consumers have tastebuds naturally wired to love pure ingredient tastes instead of chemically- derived flavouring agents, so it is not a simple equation to sell any kind of soft serve ice cream and expect addiction to form over the long term.

Addition is the result of addiction. Everything adds up once you have a pool of addicted fans falling in love with your shop ambience, signature dishes, healthy beverages and of course, soft serve desserts. All parts of the business will be congruent to the total value offered for your regular patrons or fans at this stage of your F&B success. The efforts put in with staff training, menu revision, chef specials will all add up to a beautiful dining experience that was started by an unbelievable simple strategy. In fact, straight addition of investments quickly turns into geometric progression growth in returns. No longer will you worry about the rate of return on investments for your machines wear and tear, or higher cost of quality flavours because your equation will be a constant addition of more customers, more cash flow and greater

Abundance in Love, Laughter and Health!

I feel the entire magical element of holding a cone of soft serve ice cream in the hand, or having a few scoops on a cake boils down to a few important factors: Natural Color, Taste, Texture and Price. Unless your shop size is on the same scale as Family Mart Malaysia (above 50 outlets) or McDonald’s, the price of a good quality soft serve should not go below RM6. It does not make business sense to have too low a profit margin based on just a few outlets, and it certainly makes gives a wrong signal that the soft serve maybe of lesser quality for example, made using artificial flavours and colors if the selling price is lower than the usual market value for premium soft serves.

How does selling lots of good quality, nature-bursting soft serve ice creams equate to Abundance in Love, Laughter and Health? Very simple, think of all the times you have had healthy, tasty soft serve ice creams. Was it Love at first sight? Was the anticipation completed with a feeling of warmth upon the first lick, just like coming home after a long time abroad? Did the excitement in sharing a delicious treat together with your partner and friends culminate to a fulfilling meal brimming full of love? Very likely, all the soft serve enjoyment was accompanied by sweet funny stories spurring laughter at high volumes.

Finally, over time as people flock frequently to your shop for that ever emotionally abundant experience in your daily serve of love and laughter, they filled their hearts and guts with nature’s full dose of nutrients (without the preservatives, and artificial colors) emotionally, visually and bodily. Abundance will lead to a priceless gift of health to all.

Abundance Arising From Your Daily Serve of Love Laughter & Health!

Amplify Your Wealth may seem a very lofty goal for a simple soft serve ice cream addition to your menu. I reserved this for the last A in this post as it is a natural progression for your business once the first A is allowed to flow through. If you have read through all the above, becoming financially rich is a most visible process and journey. Your wealth will be amplified with automatic cash flows, and at the same time, the intangible wealth amplification emanates from the creation of a whole vibrant community of loving, healthy and happy customers and friends who will help to perpetuate all their abundance by bringing more people to your shop!

Don’t we all know that health is wealth? And isn’t financial wealth a very important part of business? How nice it is to revel in the wealth created from positive energy and create more for other people as well! With a sound financial base, your F&B business can look forward to hiring and developing long term team, invest into a happy rejuvenating work culture, expand into branded franchise, work on social impact goals to spread more joy and the after-effects derived from serving soft serve ice cream is limitless!

Do you see what we see? This journey is more than within your grasp. You can start with a call, email or whatsapp. Find out all that you need to do this begin on this journey of many As. For us, we simply want to inspire you with the last A — Amplify your wealth as the key goal.

With so many As involved in serving soft serve ice cream in your shop, let us gather them towards the last A and Amplify your wealth for posterity!