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This drink is simply Pearl Barley goodness in itself, 100% Pure with no other ingredients.

Nutritionists now discover that Barley is one of the top grains to naturally contain Beta-glucan in the higher percentage. Beta-glucan is proven to help in many lifestyle conditions like stabilising blood glucose level to reduce diabetes symptoms, levelling out bad cholesterol, reducing weight and anti-cancerous.

Our ZERO iLite Pearl Barley is quick cooking in just 5 to 10 minutes compared to the usual 50 minutes of cooking time while retaining all the natural benefits of the Barley bits.

Advantages of iLite ZERO Pearl Barley

  • can be cooked to order reducing wastage
  • Ready by boiling over 5 minutes compared to conventional 50 mins of simmering time
  • Small premium Pearl Barley bits giving strong aroma and good taste
  • Long term savings on cooking gas, manpower time, equipment wear and tear
  • Small efficient packs of 100 servings per pack save storage space in kitchen¬†.
  • flexibility in leaving it non-sweet or adding sugar to taste for your guests

Recommendations for use

  1. Best for breakfast buffet line service where guests look for fresh, original food/ beverage with the flexibility to add own sugar to taste. Small barley bits in the drink reassures guests that drinks is from actual source and not just flavoured.
  2. Operationally convenient for cafeteria use as Pearl Barley is a popular drink for both adults and kids and easy for staff to prepare in just 5 minutes. This means store opening customers will not be turned away should they wish for a cup of Pearl Barley to start their day.
  3. Excellent for lunch, dinner buffet/ ala carte menu as local drinks in Malaysia are in demand and healthy drinks are sought by travellers, convenience in making this Pearl Barley easily in bulk makes it a feasible versatile option for both buffet lines or ala carte menu.

Serving Instructions: mix 1 table spoon (15-20g ) into 1 litre of water and boil over 5-10 minutes. Stirr often to avoid Pearl Barley bits sticking.

Add sugar to taste.

Pack size: 400g with 20L servings



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