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Magic Baking Gel Emulsifier

Magic Baking Gel Emulsifier Ryoto Ester SP

This is the first time anyone compared the differences between 2 popular common sponge gel used as an emulsifier.
Our winning gel in Ryoto Ester SP Gel even surprises professional bakers in the following categories:
1. Mixing time for batter is reduced by 20%
2. Cake height and volume is increased.
3. No more uneven edges and sunken cake!
4. Cake stays moist and does not crumble, in a tough challenge where both cakes are exposed to wind and non-airconditioned environment!
5. Butter cream or whipped cream or chocolate ganache does not crack even after 5 days in the refrigerator!
Can be used for scratch or all-in method.
It’s the Magic Gel all professionals and students cannot do without if they want each and every bake to turn out perfect!

Think you have one big tub of power sponge gel sitting on the shelves already? Don’t you Trust the many industrial bakers who have been happily and secretly paying more than 3 times the usual pric of sponge gels to use our Magic Gel with NO REGRETS and HIGHER PROFITS?

With better mouthfeel, texture and consistent volume to their cakes, customers do not get turned off by ageing cakes left in display cupboards. They cannot tell or taste any difference.
So less wastage, higher returning customers = sustainable business.

What are you waiting for?
Watch how to make an easy super-moist and rich chocolate cake that takes almost no time to prepare performs differently with our magic baking gel versus the other common brand of baking gel.

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