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How To Harness An Often Forgotten Power In Running Your Food Business

Different Emotions to Create for Different Drinks

Why do we spend energy to create different drinks all the time? What are we actually selling? Most food managers forget that drinking is all about experiencing. And how do we actually create the ideal experience from each unique drink that we sell? We think of the emotion that we want our customers to feel.

Happiness: the excited feeling

There are many kinds of happiness. Do we want the chill kind or the over-the-board excited feeling? How do we make our drinks induce excitement?

Do you ever wonder why there are some drinks that are lit with fire before being presented? Or some desserts overflowing with smoke while eating? These are designed to create happy exciting experiences for that memorable “high” and expectations as diners order.

Happiness: Surprise Surprise

Different Emotions Evoked when Drinking Drinks The Way You Want

The surprise kind of happiness can be achieved by playing with volume, shape and size of the drink or dessert. Or you can use colours to “surprise” the receiver. For instance, you can see bubble tea concepts using especially big bubble tea cups to achieve the “surprise” emotion, or using odd colours normally not associated with sweet drinks like Black Charcoal or Grey Sesame to induce a different feeling when the drink is being served.

Question is, do you want your drink to be surprising?

Happiness: Calm and Holiday mood

The third kind of Happiness is that of calmness. In a way, we think pastel colours, dessert with fragrant burnt smell and simple elegant glass or stone cups to conjure the feeling of neverending peace.

Happiness Happiness: that over the top feeling of FREEDOM?

Before we are done with Happiness emotion, we cannot miss out that wonderful feeling everyone strives to achieve. The feeling of freedom, the feeling of graduation, the feeling that nothing in the world matters anymore. Do we want a drink which can induce this amazing emotion?

Perhaps, it can be as simple as coming up with a caffeine fix that is smooth and perfect with an intricate latte art or it can be a cool spritzer delicately mixed with local seasonal fruits.

Now that we have some Happiness differentiation to think up our beverage menu, don’t you think it is so much more fulfilling to know that each and everyone of your customers are walking out feeling this certain way? What a surefire way of Branding your food business!

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