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If you have read through our previous post on the Top 5 Challenges in Choosing the Right Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, this is the follow-up on how to address the challenges with some cool-headedness based on our little bit of expertise here.

#1. All Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines Look the Same!

We always hear, ” Don’t judge a book by its cover.” You know what, here we say, ” Don’t judge a machine by its cover!”

It seriously doesn’t matter how good a machine looks on the outside, still there are some tell-tale signs. Is the cover made of plastic or steel? If plastic, the material cost is cheaper and the key is that plastic parts within tend to wear and tear faster, and you can imagine ice cream leaking, oil spilling into different areas of the the internal system after some months of usage!

However, you will never be able to really know what goes on inside a machine. Which proves our second point that if a machine comes too cheaply, it simply means some parts have to give. No point having a branded compressor (as many sales brochures may emphasize) when the other parts are of poorer quality, and unable to cope with the daily workload. Think gear and chain theory – all gears have to be in sync and compatible.

#2. Price of machines vary way lots – which range is good enough for me?

To answer this question, you need to know what service level you are expecting you machine to provide. Are you providing a long queue of continuous service all the time? If the machine is out of service, your shop revenue will be severely affected? If the machines need repair, there will be local services available readily with compatible parts?

It is definitely not a straightforward answer. If you are looking for a machine for commercial use but not exactly into providing soft serve ice cream only, I will highly recommend choosing the middle path. A reliable machine will be hard to come by really cheaply due to all the research and development costs involved in setup, testing and market surveillance.

Answer: Choose a middle range Ice Cream Machine from RM10K to 30K. For quick examples, you are cordially invited to click here

Challenges #3-5 have been answered previously! So I have now covered this topic more thoroughly today with product integrity and pricing concerns.

Stable and Reliable Commercial Soft Serve Machines

Hope you find our post here useful in your decision making process. We always welcome more feedback, discussions and enquiries! Please do comment and help us grow together to provide better services!

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