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Our Story

R.E.N.’s Palate

Ren’s Palate is a name inspired by my first-born daughter named Renee. She struggled with severe tooth decay since birth and as a first-time mummy then, I was confounded by the complex diet restrictions advised by the dentist for retarding the speed of decay.

It was a daily challenge to deal with widespread temptations of flavoured, preservative-filled and even “healthy” versions of high heat-treated juices where the nutrients are dead, overflowing with the sinful sugar – the bane in Renee’s life.

Before this, I never did a second think about how essential are healthy and affordable “liquid” choices in one’s quest for a healthy yet enjoyable lifestyle. Fastfood outlets, kopitiams, food centres teem with sugared juices making it a norm to accept them as a necessary end to each meal.

As my child grows and asks why she cannot drink like others, I have to scratch my head to come up with an appropriate answer and discovered the answer lies within me! I am sure many others are like me, expecting the industry to pick up on healthier choices, natural ingredients, incorporating new technology to retain nutrients and allow scaling up for feasible economies. However, if no one takes action, the movement will never start! This sparks my journey to lead an industrial wave of quality supply of Rich flavours, Extraordinary mixes, Natural based ingredients (backed by nutrition science) beverages and dessert powders for a start to allow all common food establishments to level up in healthy quotient without compromising on their bottom line.

REN, read as in Chinese, at the same time reflects our higher drive to serve the next generation with responsible healthier drinks and desserts supply. Hydration is not only a daily survival need, it is also essential in sustaining health. Our cells are made up of 70% water, and the fine amounts of minerals, sugar content in the long term affects our body function.

Ren’s palate strives to balance the pleasure of savouring rich tastes with the healthy needs of nutrition by increasing the range and choices of healthy drinks supply to all cafes, restaurants,hotels and food centres based on these three principles of Rich tastes, Extraordinary blends and Natural sources of ingredients.

Go with Ren’s Palate to fill you and your customers’ lives with zesty energy, zen satisfaction and a constant yearning to come back for more!

Our vision is for Ren’s Palate to be the name to go to for all things clean, delectable and purely-sourced ingredients with zero preservatives and as little artificial flavours and colorings as possible.

Our Products

Our products are chosen based on 3 principals:

Rich Tastes

Rich tastes to provide pleasure in every sip or bite.

Extraordinary Blends

Extraordinary blends for businesses to stand out amongst the competition and enable natural living to be a desired, recurrent and exciting business to be in.

Natural based products without preservatives

Natural based products without preservatives and with as little chemical fillers, artificial colorings and flavourings as feasible for wholesale and logistic needs.

Freeze-dried powders are our preferred form of product as freeze drying is one of the best methods to retain all organic nutrients of the ingredients and help the product to last longer without the use of preservatives. Powders also easily enable chain restaurants or franchise outlets to achieve cost control and minimal wastage as they can be made by smaller or individual portions.

Our Team

We select our members based on their passion for healthy living. Only with a complete follow through of Ren’s Palate principles, can our vision then result in widespread adoption of tasty and healthy natural based beverages and desserts by our food and beverage partners, which will cascade to affordable quality “not so sweet” sweets to our generation and the next.

Our team mates are based in Johor, Kuala Lumpur and Penang and love to share the stories on how customers love the low sugar, lovely colours of our desserts and drinks and inspire business owners in their beverage and dessert menu progression throughout the year.

With less than half a year in service, they have gained trust and commitment from renowned customers like Legoland Theme Park, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Regency Specialist Hospitals and well-known cafes in parts of Penang and KL. Their pride in the quality, natural integrity in our product range shows in the professional service attitudes from first meeting to after sales service.  With them, Ren’s Palate looks to rock the beverage and dessert industry.

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