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Salivating over soft serves? Marry that with gut healthy yoghurt and instantly your dessert menus become the highlight of your cafe.

Frozen Yoghurt Soft Serve Trend is getting more popular just as bubble tea is making its comeback in Malaysia.

Why do we say that?

Healthy trends is on the rise in the food & beverage industry.

With desserts being a talking point for every kind of food service, frozen yoghurt soft serve is the answer to every health freak’s desire for tantalizing sweets on a daily basis.

Generally paired with fruits or drizzled with some richer sauce, frozen yoghurt soft serves are the best friends of all with sweet tooth. For one, the tanginess of the yoghurt soft serve ice cream will make one feel licensed to devour the entire dessert by oneself. Next, the usual fruit toppings will contribute to the daily fibre requirements and justify all the costs paid towards this healthy dessert.

Plain Frozen Yoghurt with fruit toppings

Easily prepared by mixing plain or different flavoured yoghurt powders with milk, this mixture becomes the delectable soft serve ice cream minutes after pouring into a soft serve machine.

What makes your yoghurt dessert stand out?

The Quality of yoghurt powders used are very key to the success of your yoghurt dessert business. What makes people want to come back and taste it over and over again?

If a yoghurt powder is priced too low, then you can be sure there are no probiotics (content of which defines all yoghurts). With no probiotics, the main allure of having better digestion from enjoying this dessert is gone. Imagine, the mums will all detour their children to another shop selling more premium yoghurt ice cream as that is a surefire way of knowing they are feeding healthy desserts to their loved ones.

In addition, yoghurt powders with artificial flavours and colours will obviously lose out on natural feel and taste. Again, the whole point of experiencing the healthy yoghurt frozen ice cream is to eat natural in a cool way. With fake flavours and colours, the entire experience is thwarted to a different meaning, most of which do not meet yoghurt ice cream consumer expectations.

As a dessert supplier passionate about natural taste and little additives, we are proud to present the Korean natural frozen yoghurt (or you can use them to make smoothies) flavours with cool selections like coconut yoghurt, mango yoghurt, blueberry yoghurt, strawberry yoghurt, greentea yoghurt and more. All made using freeze-dried powders of the real fruits or tea, each flavour is researched and developed over long periods to get the best match of tanginess and natural sweetness. Definitely, they contain the right amounts of Pro-bi gut friendly probiotics in every serving!

So, if yoghurt smoothies are not enough for your cafe, why not invest in a frozen soft serve ice cream machine to make your yoghurt powder work its worth!