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Mistake #1. Jumping into Air-Cooled machines over Water-Cooled machines.

Think air cooling machine is more innovative and hence better?

Often, one will read that air cooling Bingsu machine is more convenient to set up as it does not need a water point connection like its “traditional” water cooling counterpart does.

However, no one tells of the trouble they can cause with dusty condensers! Imagine stopping your business in order for the cleaners to clean the condensers or otherwise the machines cannot cool fast enough to make snow ice.

Question is: do you prefer a one time inconvenience of setting up a water point connection or going through the hassles of frequent servicing of the condensers?

The answer is clear isn’t it? No cafe owner will want to shorten their operating hours for machine servicing!

Mistake #2. Buying the machine Directly from Korea

Getting a Bingsu snow ice machine directly from Korean Suppliers without having tried the similar model in Malaysia is a real mistake if you are not Korean.

Most Korean Bingsu models have an auto shut-down timer inbuilt in their electrical panels. They also have Korean-unique features which are not suited to Malaysian shop operating hours.

Always source for a local supplier who is able to troubleshoot machine problems for you. Losing operational time due to electronic panel language challenges will mean suffering a big loss.

Machine entirely configured in Korean language makes it difficult for Malaysia users

Mistake #3. No Local Support

Buying your Bingsu snow ice machine without local servicing support. Imagine having to send your machine to Korea just to check on issues or replace parts.

It will be wiser to factor in the cost of 2 machines than to ship the machine back and forth! Your shop will be forced to standstill for many weeks.

Choose a local supplier who is able to understand his Bingsu machine and make it work on the spot or within a few days for your Malaysia business.

With ready parts and a friendly problem-solving team in town, your Bingsu dessert business can function to full capacity at all times.

Mistake #4. Buying a table top machine when you are better off investing in a standalone machine

Sometimes, capex investments seem overwhelming and it is tempting to opt for cheaper versions of machines without checking first if the capacity can meet your sales demands.

For pure dessert shops facing peak hours, multiple orders and long queues, it makes sense to invest in a standalone machine as the output is 100kg more than a table top machine.

Standalone Machine with capacity of 250-300KG of ice

Mistake #5. Choosing machine models which are too new in the market.

New is not always better, especially where machines are concerned. For models which are newly launched, there maybe issues which do not surface until a certain period of use has passed. This applies to all equipment across industries for that matter. Who doesn’t know that the recent aircrashes revolving around the new airplane model are because of new features in the auto-detection system of the plane?

One reason why Ren is the trusted brand is that all Ren’s machines are rigorously tested for up to one year for potential issues before officially introducing into the market. This is because Koreans treat their Bingsus seriously!

As a usual word of precaution, machines which come unusually cheap and abnormally small will be hard to use in a commercial business setting!

Having said that, Ren does have a new 2019 model which is value-priced and really compact!