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Looking for Flavourful, Natural Beverage & Dessert Products?

Ren’s Palate specializes in bringing the best value in beverage and dessert products on a wholesale level by sourcing for international sources able to match quality with their volume quantity of worldwide presence.

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Welcome to Drink Dessert

Malaysia’s first specialist in Cafe Quality Drink and Dessert Flavour Powders. Bringing quality and wholesale classics like Iced Lemon Tea, Matcha, Mocha to trendy natural flavours of Roselle, Taro, Red Velvet and more. Get a FREE consultation now on how to improve your beverage business!

With a strong base as a specialized food ingredients supplier in both Singapore and Malaysia of over 35 years of experience, Ren’s Palate is a new extension of established Juhalim Biotech Sdn Bhd to expand on this experience by extending the service level from manufacturers to HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes) sector.

In line with the entrenched mission of Juhalim Biotech to bring quality ingredients from all parts of the world to Malaysia, Ren’s Palate aims to extend this quality value with new resolutions of going natural and reducing chemicals, preservatives and artificial colors and flavourings in sourcing for finished products for the freshly-prepared beverages and desserts sector; bringing them affordably to Malaysia market, where the rates of diabetes and co-morbidities are one of the highest.

Our Products


KStar is the Korean beverage and dessert brand for the world. Korean delicacies are favoured by many for their unique, natural and healthy tastes, an exemplary case being soy toppings consisting of 5 different types of grains used in traditional injeolmi flavour.

KStar Dessert Machines

KStar is also a reputable supplier of café products and F&B machinery in Korea. Their products and machines are supplied to many cafes, restaurant chains as well as other food establishments around the world. KStar products are also being exported to different countries in Asia, South East Asia, Russia, Middle East, and Europe.


iLite is a Singapore brand focused on providing food and beverage solutions for the future. The founders started as research Consultants for international brands looking into low sugar, low glycaemic index products, with their accredited experiences grew their understanding of the world’s exponential needs for lower calories, natural-based,increased prebiotic fibers and other functional nutrients.

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Healthy Drinks & Desserts for the New Generation

2018 is the start of Ren’s Palate life-extension vision as strategic and exclusive partnerships are formed with Singapore brand iLite Healthier Sweetness and Korean International brand KStar Group of Café Specialty products. Combining natural ingredients with natural sugar replacements or simply offering the choice of lower refined sugar content, Ren’s Palate makes available in Malaysia a plethora of exotic refined new tastes, rich and in no way compromised on sweetness, paving the way for daily indulgence for the general consumers in a sustainable healthy manner. With Ren’s Palate aim to provide value priced wholesale supply, HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes) businesses are now enabled to provide healthy drinks and desserts for the new generation of discerning customers.